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Cologne, November 2016 – DocCheck Guano AG is expanding its portfolio of start-up businesses from the healthcare sector.

Guano AG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DocCheck AG, acquired shares in curassist GmbH based in Koblenz. The online platform curassist is in the start-up phase and has made it its declared goal to counteract the nursing crisis. They accompany nursing professionals on their way into self-employment and relieve them of administrative tasks so they can fully concentrate on nursing care. Therefore, curassist offers them direct networking of qualified caregivers and patients, which is completely billable.

Thomas Müller founded the curassist GmbH as a social project in 2015. The idea was born as a result of Müllers experiences as a trained care provider, a relative and a patient. Furthermore, nursing professional Jessica Zielinski-Müller and software developer Paul Kerspe are part of the founding team.

For more information, go to https://www.curassist.de/.


1 – 2 – 3: Startup check for PatientZero Games

They did it: In cooperation with DocCheck Research, the startup PatientZero Games dealed with the topic e-learning. The market research results show why gaming during training is no contradiction but could save lifes. Check out the landing page.




Fysio24 won the “Nationale Sportinnovator Prijs 2016”. Very proud!

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.



M.E.S.H 2016: Mission completed

Last friday, our startups HRTBT Medical Solutions, PatientZero Games, Fysio24 and BetterDoc got together for another (small) M.E.S.H camp. With Sales and HR workshops by Frieder Barth and Pia Antwerpes, the camp prepared startups for their battle on the market. The startups got to know each other and pitched; outdoor activities (mountainbiking, boxing, running) conditioned them to fight even more for their goals on the healthcare market. Last but not least: The event was great fun!

See you next time!

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Family reunion

On Friday, 3rd of June, our startups will meet in good company: Speakers, workshops and challenges in good old “M.E.S.H” atmosphere are waiting for them. Topics like B2B Sales, HR, Research and more are prepared – camp fire, outdoor activities and tenting will serve as the right inspiration. Find impressions on our Twitter channel.


Important visitors

Fysio24 met the Dutch Health minister Edith Schippers and the Director of Sport Henk Meijer last week at the ministry.




With heart and mind

Cologne, 13 January 2016 – With an interest of eight per cent in HRTBT Medical Solutions GmbH, DocCheck Guano AG is expanding its portfolio of start-up businesses from the healthcare sector.

On 18 December 2015, Guano AG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DocCheck AG, and High-Tech Gründerfonds acquired shares in HRTBT Medical Solutions GmbH based in Berlin. The company develops the web-based quality management software heartbeat ONE for patient-oriented documentation and evaluation of medical procedures. The software enables medical facilities to generate data for clinical trials in their everyday hospital life. The parties agreed to keep the purchase price confidential.

heartbeat medical solutions was founded by Yannik Schreckenberger, Marc Tiedemann, Sebastian Tilch and Yunus Uyargil in the beginning of 2014. All founders remain within the company, with Schreckenberger and Uyargil as Managing Directors, Tiedemann as Head of Product Development and Tilch as Technical Manager.

With their heartbeat ONE information system, the company aims to find a way to determine the success of surgical procedures. For financial reasons, such data are mainly collected during clinical trials. By merging the data from patients and the attending physicians, they want to promote medical knowledge and strengthen the relationship of trust. The software is already in use in five hospitals.

“We are pleased to have gained High-Tech Gründerfonds and DocCheck Guano AG as strong strategic partners,” says Yannik Schreckenberger. “Now we can concentrate on enhancing heartbeat ONE, making it the leading system in treatment quality assurance.” In particular, the investment will be used to build a distribution channel. In addition, a large-scale multicentre study is planned.

For more information, go to https://heartbeat-med.de.


M.E.S.H: Mission Completed

DocCheck Guano inspired founders, investors and speakers

Cologne, 22 Sep 2015 – Participants from ten countries met in Berlin for this year’s M.E.S.H Camp. The camp prepared startups for their battle on the market by providing contacts, know-how and presentations on all the important aspects relating to the foundation of an enterprise in the healthcare sector. The speeches by entrepreneur Dr Daniel Kraft and biohacker Tim Cannon from the U.S. were the meeting’s highlights.

The medals are awarded and the flag is brought down – this year’s M.E.S.H Camp is over. Participants from ten countries met from 9 to 10 Sep 2015 at the international startup camp in Berlin. Startup companies from the healthcare sector had the opportunity to meet international speakers and gain an insight into financing, marketing, the healthcare system, law and human resource management. Mentors answered questions in face-to-face coaching sessions. In the morning, participants were getting ready for the day with some trumpeting and drill instructions. Networking was possible around an open-fire BBQ.

The presentations by the speakers Daniel Kraft and Tim Cannon from the U.S. were the event’s highlights, making an inspiring connection between technology, man and medicine. While biohacker Tim Cannon physically merges with technology through implants, Daniel Kraft presented many examples and gadgets delivering an insight into the possible future of medicine.

Winners of the pitch competition, where eleven startup teams competed in different pitches, was the Austrian startup “HappyMed”. They offer a system to support patients suffering from anxiety. The vitamin-testing device “Vitameter” from Canada, which provides results in just a few minutes, came in second. The Slovenian startup “Doctrina”, which is geared at pharmacists, took third place.

The tents were jam-packed, the speakers and the audience were thrilled: “We intended to throw a hand grenade at conventional boardroom pitches. And we succeeded,” says the camp’s initiator Frank Antwerpes.

Click here for some pics http://www.doccheck.ag/presse/pressematerial, and a first video of Daniel Kraft: www.mesh-camp.com.


M.E.S.H 2015 – Interview with Daniel Kraft

The Future of Medicine in 1 Minute – Daniel Kraft at M.E.S.H (Medical Start-up Entrepreneur Hospital) 2015.



Operation Future: Daniel Kraft attends M.E.S.H

Cologne, 2 September 2015 – „The Future of Medicine“: Physician and Health Innovator Dr Daniel Kraft participates in the Medical Entrepreneur Startup Hospital (M.E.S.H) camp for startup businesses. On 10 September, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to meet the scientist live and in person in Berlin.

What does it take to be a successful startup business that is technologically disruptive? At M.E.S.H, Daniel Kraft, who founded many businesses himself and has done some pioneering work in the fields of medicine and technology, will provide founders with inspiration for their battles on the startup field. In his 30-minute speech he wants to stir things up a bit and enter into discussion with the audience – live contributions and best practices included. And there will be enough time for questions, too. A true health clash, infusing all participants with fresh ideas.

Daniel Kraft looks back on 20 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation. He chairs the Medicine Track for Singularity University in California, USA, and is the founder and executive director of Exponential Medicine. The programme connects biomedical and technological faculties of international standing to explore technologies with exponential growth in the health and medical sector. In 2013 he was recognised as one of the most inspiring leaders in life sciences by Pharma Voice 100.

“I’m very much looking forward to seeing Daniel in Berlin – after all, he doesn’t exactly live around the corner,” says M.E.S.H organiser Frank Antwerpes. This year’s M.E.S.H camp is taking place for the second time. In the field hospital, founders from the healthcare industry will be given first aid to nurse financial wounds and mend any startup damages. In 1:1 mentoring sessions, participants will receive treatment to make them fit for the healthcare market. They will be drilled in the fields of foundation practice, marketing, financing and special healthcare requirements.

Daniel_Kraft 14.28.30

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