Startuppers introducing themselves: Qompium

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1. How has your business been running in the last year?

It all went very fast for us. Last year, we were still finishing our master´s theses at the university of Hasselt in Belgium. One of them was about our app to detect atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm disorder which to our surprise got accepted into Bayer’s Grants4Apps accelerator program. So over the summer we founded our company Qompium and moved to Berlin. Then, we worked for four month at the Bayer offices where it was sink or swim and where we learned a great deal.

2. What has changed since Mesh Camp?
A lot! Qompium was only two months old at the time, and since then we’ve grown tremendously. We’re still fine-tuning our business model, occasionally starting a new, and are constantly improving our technology. Additionally, we are now doing clinical trials in collaboration with our old university to validate our algorithms. When the Grants4Apps program ended in December, we moved back to Belgium and are now part of the iStart incubator program of iMinds.

3. Did you take some good ideas from the Mesh Camp into your daily work?
Getting to know other start-ups in the health tech area was an eye-opening experience for us. We met a lot of new people and were surprised to see the many innovative ideas. We still carry with us the insights we got from some of the discussions we had there.

4. Are you connected with some people at Mesh Camp?

Christian Angele

5. Is there any exciting story to tell?
We will never forget the awesome presentation by Florian on the healthcare structure of Germany. In true spirit of Mesh Camp, it was in full military style. The landscape of stakeholders was presented on a map and we were briefed on the plan for attack. The goal was to navigate the dangers such as insurers and regulatory approval to ultimately achieve victory by getting our product on the market.

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