That was M.E.S.H 2014!

How did participants of M.E.S.H 2014 like the event? Hear and see some speakers, startups as well as Frank Antwerpes, founder of the event.
As well: Watch some impressions of M.E.S.H camp life.
Videos and pictures online now: Check the new website!

About the event:
Anyone who’s ever tried to launch a start-up knows how hard it is. It takes all you’ve got to succeed. DocCheck Guano organised a 2-day hospital camp event for start-ups in the health sector in September 2014. Whether they were greenhorns or old campaigners – any kind of healthcare start-up got a treatment at MESH.

The MESH camp was set on a small clearing in a forest, just five kilometres from Berlin Tegel airport. Inside and outside the tents the brave fighters received individual diagnoses and plans to cure their start-up scars and learn about healthcare issues. They had the chance to network with possible investors and other healthcare start-ups around an open-fire barbecue, take part in team challenges to get to know each other, and enjoy the all-natural atmosphere. Camp beds included.

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