„Be disruptive!“: Interview with Tim Cannon

What is your advice for start-ups in the healthcare sector? In a recent interview for MISC Magazine’s article entitled “Hacking the Body to Hack the System: What Healthcare can Learn from a Biohacker”, my colleague Ryan O’Shea (who will also be a part of M.E.S.H with me) brought up the great point that the medical […]


Daredevils wanted: Pitch & win at M.E.S.H Camp

Show some guts and show up on M.E.S.H stage! Present your startup idea to investors and healthcare experts and fight for your transfusion of up to 3.000€. DocCheck Guano awards the winners of the pitch competition with cash and glory. But hurry up, comrades, only limited pitching possibilities available. Don’t be cowards – pitch! How? […]


Call for start-ups: 6.000€ prize money

You wanna present your health start-up concept – and win 1.000€, 2.000€ or 3.000€ to realize it? Apply for the M.E.S.H 2015 Pitch Competition and convince our jury! Goal: Pitch your start-up in 5 minutes. Be ready for a 2 minute Q&A round. Needed: A presentation. A voice. And your will to combat. Process: 1. […]


M.E.S.H Camp 2015: Early bird tickets available now!

Last year, M.E.S.H had its debut and it was a huge success: 150 participants, 20 mentors, 12 startup pitches, 10 international speakers, and loads of fun.Anyone who’s ever tried to launch a startup knows how hard it is. It takes all you’ve got to succeed. DocCheck Guano AG together with its sponsors organises a 1.5 […]


Summer mixer with DocCheck Guano

Save the Date: Wednesday, 24th June Fire your imagination: The cold startup cuisine is hard to stomach, so why not dig into something hot and inspiring? Visit our food truck and enjoy some delicious seeding bites. Guano and DocCheck will be at the Berlin Health 2.0 summer party, right at the heart of Kreuzberg, in […]


innovate.healthcare Hackathon

innovate.healthcare is a Hackathon for people willing to disrupt the healthcare industry with progressive ideas and creative thinking. Here, you are given the opportunity to work on a real world challenge which is curated from submissions from individuals and industry partners. You can rely on a strong team of coaches during the event helping your […]


Startuppers introducing themselves: PharmAssistant

1. How has your business been running in the last year? We started our company in May, and since then we’ve been accomplishing all the milestones we’ve challenged ourselves to reach. We’re developing a smart pill box, connected to a mobile app that alerts people when it’s time to take their medication.From validating the idea, […]


Startuppers introducing themselves: Qompium

1. How has your business been running in the last year?
 It all went very fast for us. Last year, we were still finishing our master´s theses at the university of Hasselt in Belgium. One of them was about our app to detect atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm disorder which to our surprise got accepted […]


That was M.E.S.H 2014!

How did participants of M.E.S.H 2014 like the event? Hear and see some speakers, startups as well as Frank Antwerpes, founder of the event. As well: Watch some impressions of M.E.S.H camp life. Videos and pictures online now: Check the new website! About the event: Anyone who’s ever tried to launch a start-up knows how […]


Troops, click your heels!

M.E.S.H camp has news for you! I.) Early bird tickets: Only 7 days left! Still hesitating to attend the event? Hurry up, fighters! Early bird ticket sale ends on August 20. Get your treatment at M.E.S.H: // Startup pitch competition with total prize money of € 5.000 // Roundtable sessions: Meet doctors, insurance companies etc. […]

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